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March makes

Hi Everyone,

thank you for coming back for a look and a read.

I like (trying) to do a monthly blog post as when I go thru my photos I can see what I have been up to that month and it seems that I tend to be very busy. This month I have finished 3 swiss cross style quilts. One king size, one twin size and one baby quilt. I love the use of low volume prints. I also reckon that those prints are more practical as a speck of dirt will not show up as clearly as it would on a crisp white back ground. Seeing that these are personal quilts and we have a black dog who uses the whole house as her own, I know I would be seeing black dog hairs here and there. Low volume … perfect to hide that!

Piles of black fabrics ( all with a print on them) and low volume… I used Rachel from Wooden Spoon Quilts tutorial for her plus / cross block.

A king size quilt is quite large to try to lay out in our house so I had to move a heavy coffee table to make some room… it sort of worked (:    When I was happy with my layout is sewed strips together and hung the quilt top on the good old Hills hoist for a quick pic.

I added one orange cross to my quilt. Just for fun. That fabric is from Heather Ross, far far away, and is an unicorn. The orange goes well with the other low volume Heather Ross fabrics I used, some bikes, strawberries and floral patches which have a similar orange in them.

Of course my son wanted a quilt just like Mum and Dad. Ask most makers, when their child is keen ( especially a boy for a quilt) you hop right on to that! So I cut more fabrics, added some low volume with blue and green in them and added a few different colour crosses in the some of the rows. I used Robert Kaufman fabric for those coloured ones. He also wanted to have some colour added to both sides in the binding… so I did!

Here you can see our dog Sophie sitting on Stuart’s quilt. She was stoked to be asked to sit on the quilt as she knows she is not allowed to sit on any of my quilts I make. She does always want to be in the photo tho, so normally you can see here in a picture sitting next to the quilt.


Stuart also wanted to be in the photo. So Stuart and Sophie played on our king sized quilt whilst i took some photos. He still had his PJ’s on with different bed socks, cause “that’s cool Mum”….

I made so many crosses that I had a few left over. I added some pinks to the mix and I made a gorgeous baby girl quilt with this for my niece Eden. She just turned one so I hope she can use this for a long time.


This month I also made items for swaps that I am currently in. I have been working on some of them for awhile so I will show you a few that I send off this month.

The collage above was for Zenna. Zenna and I are part of an Aussie Birthday swap and for her I made a patchwork quilted hot water bottle cover and a sewing machine mat. The machine sits on the part where the polar bear ( linen ) fabric is and where you can see the butterfly, that part hangs down of your table. There are pockets where you can put your scissors, a little scrap basket, a pocket for your seam ripper and the edge can be used to put some wonder clips.

For the Karen Lewis Textiles , Blueberry Park mini quilt swap, I had Nina from BossyOz as my partner. Her favorited colours where red and blue and she said she would love something coastal / boats themed. I found an awesome paper pieced book and ordered it in. And a ship in a bottle was created! Nina loved her mini and screen printed materials I gave her as a gift.

It was also time for me to send of my for ever project the patchwork Deathstar for the “for the walls swap” on instagram. My partner has not received this yet. I posted it about 3 weeks ago so she should get this any time now! Fingers crossed!

And then I also participated in the Rainbow Mini Quilt swap Round 2 … I was in Team Blue and had Lesley as my secret partner. Lesley loved green and something geometric… Stars are geometric… aren’t they ?? Well.. I made her one anyways (:

But whilst I started cutting and playing with the layout I knew I wanted one for myself as well. So of I went to cut more but then with a pink corner for me (:

Both mini quilt tops finished, next to each other. Aren’t they pretty !!?


Here is my “pink” rainbow star on my wall. I hang my minis with 3M fridge clips. Easy to stick on the wall and they are clear so you can’t see them really. I added a rainbow strip in the binding for both mini quilts. I thought a pop of added colour won’t go astray. Lots of fussy cut Heather Ross in my mini. I love walking past it!

And this is not all !!

I received goodies this month too!
It is / was my birthday month in March for the Aussie Birthday Swap so they all send me handmade goodies !!!

I received a perfect Makers Tote, pouches, doll, iPad case and makers case, sewing machine cover and key fobs and two great pillow cases ! Above you can see them on my new quilt!

I received two minis as well this month.

Above you can see Kara her rainbow mini hanging on my wall in the sewing room and and blueberry park inspired quilt from Claudia. I love participating in swaps on instagram.


April will be the month of school holidays, camping and preparing for my next blog tour for Pat Bravo where I will make a mini quilt with her fabric. She will be sending it all out pretty soon so I better get my thinking hat on and see what I should make for her tour.


Throw quilt made with only using fabric out of my scrap boxes
Custom order Marvel quilt
We have a new roof!!! We ( read – my husband) has been working really hard on putting new boards on the house, the roof makes all his work, look so much better. Still more to do, but does a house ever stop needing our attention??
My personal stack of quilts

Until next time !


Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! Happy to reply

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