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January 2016

Hello and welcome back !!

I hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas, spending time with loved ones, enjoying some time off ( if you did not had to work – like my husband did ) and had an early bedtime at New Years eve. I think we were in bed by ten !! Party Animals we are ….

We still have two weeks of school holiday to get thru and next week we will be going camping with our son. The weather has been crazy lately. 38 degrees one day and raining and 24 the next.. Lets just hope for dry days whilst camping!!

Just before Christmas I got my wonky star quilt back from my longarm quilter Kathryn.

Wonky stars made mainly with Heather Ross fabric , the peach horses are out of print fabric from Alexander Henry and the green unicorn is from Lizzy House

Before I got it quilted I thought I was going to bind the quilt with black and white striped fabric but when I got it back I realised that it would be too much black and white with the low volume background so I made it a scrappy binding. I picked green, orange, purple, yellow, blue, pink and grey fabrics and I am really happy how that looks with the quilt.


I choose Tula Pink fabric for the back. I wanted something bright as the front is low volume with dashes of colour in the stars. The wide back fabric was great to work with.

Whist the weather was hot my son and I went out to Cronulla for a swim at Gunnamatta Park. We always see the big kids jump from the board walk into the “baths” and Stuart wanted to have a look at them… off we went and he decided after watching teenagers do summersaults into the water that he was brave enough to jump in the water himself. First I had to go, of course. I had to “prove” to him that if you jump in you will still come up eventho you can’t touch the sandy bottom. He told me afterwards that his heart was beating soooo fast and that he was scared but wanted to do it. Pretty proud of my little man. Just turned 6 last month and probably a year ago hated to get his hair wet in the water !!!


I have also joined in a year long swap. A birthday swap organised by Jasmine where 12 Aussie crafters will make gifts for a birthday girl each month. This month is Bonnie her turn and seeing that she is the first one of the #2016AussieBirthdaySwap her presents will slowly start getting to her letterbox / front door.

I made her these items, a quilted journal cover with a notebook inside, a poppies inspired hoop and a quilted cushion cover.


I have been working on two custom order quilts as well.. The first one is going to The Netherlands and is made for a little baby called Jop. And the other one is a king single sized quilt in gorgeous wonky stars made with mainly “Hello Bear” fabrics. The big quilt has been dropped off at Kathryns place so she can quilt it for me and the little one is ready to go out with the mail this Monday.



And when you think this all hasn’t been enough…. I am also working on a few more swaps and did some pattern testing!!!

I tested this pattern for Bec for her “Kitty Maze”, this pattern is now available to purchase via issue 9 of the Make Modern Magazine. Lots of lovely patterns to see in that issue!

I had to use Heather Ross fabric for this block.. of course (:

And last but not least …

I am working on a Patchwork Deathstar !!!! I have joined a swap which you can follow on Instagram with the tag #forthewallsswap and I have chosen to make it hard for myself and hand sew Darth Vaders Death Star. Its a free pattern you can get from Melinda her blog, its pretty awesome and I will make one again for sure ! I have a Star Wars loving husband and son, and some friends as well so I better get good at it!

work in progress … 

Thats all for now lovely people.

I will see you again next month.. I will show you more crafty items that I have made and I am also very excited to mention that I will be joining Bonnie Christine in her blog tour. She has chosen me ( and 17 others !!! ) to make something special for her blog tour in her new fabric line.. It is called the Succulence Fabric Blog tour…. But more on that NEXT month!!

5 thoughts on “January 2016

  1. Lamb and Wolfie. I am a great fan of your work. Starting from scratch,self taught you are amazing. Enjoy your break away. Xxxx


    1. Thank you so much ! I really enjoy sewing with fabric that I am hoarding (: It makes more sense to use them in a quilt rather then stare at them in my sewing room on a shelf.
      Thank you for popping in!


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