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Quilt alongs, swaps and custom orders

Hello and welcome back for a quick read !

Last month I was doing some pattern testing and working on a quilt or two.

The Verna Mosquera quilt has been finished and is already at the new owners house but has not been gifted yet. The little lady will get this on her birthday and I do hope she will love it as much as her bigger brother did when he got his Marvel quilt given to him ( which was also made by me)

I am keeping myself busy with some little swaps I have entered into as well.

Two weeks ago I send out a mini quilt to the US for a gnome inspired swap. I send my partner this little set.


I have just posted out a little quilt for the ” Cotton and Steel mini quilt swap ” and some goodies to an overseas location ( which is still secret as the lady whom I made this mini for does not know it is going her way! )


An other swap I am working on is called  “The animal in you” swap.

My partner told me 3 animals she liked and I made her a few items. This is the “mini” ( actually quite large ) quilt I made her. I will post this the 1st of July to a secret location and will only show you all the quilt. If I would show you ( and her) the other items she will know it is for her!!


Quilt wise I have convinced a customer to go with a certain pattern that I saw on Instagram and I had to buy it. The customer was happy for me to have a go at it with her chosen colours .. The quilt is now at the long arm quilter as it is a queen size and that will take me way to long to do myself.


I bought this pattern “Squares Plus” with an online quilting magazine. Let me know if you want more details as I would have to go thru my files to find the exact magazine it was from (:

This month I also found some time to cut up my beloved Heather Ross stash. I participated in a Heather Ross dumpling pouch swap and dove right in! For my partner here in Australia I made a pouch and some extras.


And once I started cutting in the well priced stash.. I couldn’t stop. I have cut into 160 different prints and created this throw top


The quilt is waiting to get quilted but I am sooo busy!!! In the meantime I have more Heather Ross fabrics in my stash but the throw is a good size now so I am not going to add an extra row.. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (:

I was wondering why I haven’t been able to find some time to blog earlier but as you can see above I have been really busy! and next to all that I have done above I also made some blocks for the quilting be that I participate in ( which reminds me that I have 2 more weeks to make the June month one!!!) and that I have almost finished a queen sized quilt for a special person this Christmas. Yes, I said the Christmas word.. it will be there before you know it, trust me!


And last but not least..I made this beautiful quilt.. I absolutely love it. I should have made it bigger so I can use it myself as a lap quilt.

This gorgeous girl is looking for a new owner .. lots of Japanese fabrics in this one, so pretty!  Contact me if you would like to purchase the quilt.


Whats up for the rest of June, I hear you ask?

Well.. I will be working on a king single quilt in pinks, navy, low volume whites and mustard / golden colours, some pencil cases and I will be making two memory blankets for two birthdays in July!


I better get of the computer and get going!

And we are going camping in our camper van in July school holidays as well.. we are going to stay in Jindabyne for a few nights and have our fingers crossed for snow so our son can enjoy snowball fights with mum and dad and go off the hill in a big tube… build a snow man, drink hot cocoa and have the best memories of the trip to the Snowy Mountains.

Until next time,



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