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ETNO blog tour


Hello, How are you?

Have you been busy following Pat Bravo’s ETNO Tour Blog??

You have reached day 19 of the tour and landed Down Under!

My name is Isabel and I live in Sydney, Australia. I love making blankets and quilts ( and some other things of course) and have a little page on Facebook. I make custom order quilts and this year’s motto is to only sew ( besides custom orders ) with fabrics that I love.

Speaking of fabrics that I love… When I saw Pat Bravo her “call out” on Instagram for people to email her and sew items with her gorgeous fabric I did not wait too long! I love the Etno line! And here we are… on the tour. Pretty amazing isn’t it?? And the Happy Mail did not take too long to get here either (:

Yesterday it was Lara Bowditch her turn on the ETNO Tour, you can read all about her and her creation on the blog: Scrap Quilt Preach

For a full line up you can visit Pat Bravo Design  and see who has made what in the last 18 days.

Fabric delivery from Pat Bravo
Fabric delivery from Pat Bravo, Happy Mail !

For my day in the ETNO tour I used a tutorial from Rachel from the Wooden Spoon.

I follow Rachel on Instagram and saw her make this cute cushion cover and thought that I had to make one of these one day… Well “one day” arrived when I got Pat Bravo’ s email in my inbox. I knew straight away that I wanted to make this!

It did take some time to finish from start to end.. lots of cutting, pressing, sewing small pieces of fabric together.. but the end result is awesome! I really love it!

Raspberry Kisses cushion cover
Raspberry Kisses cushion cover

A gorgeous cushion, don’ t you think?

But then I had left over fabric. What is a girl supposed to do with that?? Sew MORE !!!!

I wanted something that complimented the cushion with the Raspberry Kiss blocks and then I saw in Rachels Tutorials a photo of a block the had the plus symbol. Perfect ! I have made plus quilts before but not scrappy ones, so now I had an other guide to work with.

A blanket with 16 blocks was made. I quilted the top to the batting and used super soft mink on the back. The colour is a sandy grey that blends in perfect with the soft grey tones used in the ETNO line.

I quilted to top to the batting as I don’t like quilting the minky itself. Never have, and never will. I like to use it as a backing for a blanket but not as a quilt. I’m just funny like that I suppose.

Cushion and lap blanket
Cushion and lap blanket

A blanket, perfect for cot or couch. Something mother and daughter can use.

And then there were scraps… We all know there is really no such thing as scraps.. I made a little dolly quilt as well. Just randomly sewn together and perfect for either a doll bed or as a little blanket to carry around for a little person. My son never had the urge to carry a toy or a blankie around but I have always loved seeing little boys and girls walking around with a well used toy or blankie.

Cushion and doll blanket
Cushion and doll blanket

A doll I made earlier,  enjoying the sunshine under her blanket.

So then there were three items. Let me tell you, there is not much left of the FQ bundle that I received. I could probably squeeze out a little mug rug but that will have to be a job for an other day.

three items created for ETNO tour
three items created for ETNO tour

I hope your have enjoyed the ETNO tour and make sure to tune in tomorrow over at  Kylie Kelsheimer from the blog : Faith Love Fabric. She will have the last turn !!

A recap will be done on Pat Bravo her site of the ETNO Tour

Envelope closing on cushion
Envelope closing on cushion

Pat threw in some extra fabric next to the FQ bundle.. So I used this extra fabric for the envelope closing on the cushion cover.

Dolly on the grass
Dolly on the grass

This doll is made with a pattern from Retro Mama. Doll is for sale.

tiny bit left over
tiny bit left over

I think I did pretty well. “Waste not Want not”


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