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Snapshot quilt blocks

This year is about selfless sewing .. sew with fabric I love and make all sorts of pretty things, either for me or to give away or even sell. I still do my custom orders as well but when I have a chance, I want to work with my pretty stash.

So this year I started to enter some swaps and quilt alongs.. One of them is from the Fat Quarter Shop. Each month, on the 15th a new block comes out. Free to download for all ( here ) and when you can afford to spare some money you can donate to St Jude hospital. MODA fabrics will even match up to 10.000 dollars to donate as well, if we all put a few dollars in. Follow the above link for more info.

We have been away a few days camping with the camper van and then clean it all out and do the ten thousand loads of washing that always appear after a trip, but I found some time yesterday to finish block 2 and 3. Just in time for when block 4 comes out. Its a cute puppy dog in a basket, can’t wait to make that one.

So far my blocks have all been made out of different fabric. I hope it will still look ok in the end!


Block 2 Sewing Machine

Fabric for sewing machine is Miller cotton couture white, Pam Kitty both blues, Lecien Flower Sugar pink, fussy cutting Japanese mushroom fabric and some linen.


block 3 Teapot close up

Kokka fabric plus some linen.


block 3 Teapot

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