April Fools

Hello and welcome to a new month!

I celebrated my 41st birthday yesterday…. work, pavlova, the pub for dinner and early bed as I have a cold and working in the rain the last two days has made my body a bit tired.. Oh the joys of getting old(er) !

For my birthday I got a new Juki HZL F-600 …. i got her for about two weeks as I had to send it back to get looked at. Suddenly she sounded very clunky and I really dont know what is causing this. I cleaned everything, changed the needle, rethreaded, oiled etc etc.. still “loud” so I did not want to ruin anything by keeping on sewing on the new machine. Hence I spoke to Sewing Machine City in Melbourne and straight away they arranged a courier to pick her up. Lets hope it’s something minor and easy to fix!

Today I got my “old” sewing machine out…. I made my stripey binding on Monday night and today I sewed it onto my gorgeous quilt. I made a promise to myself that every quilt that I make this year ( except for custom orders) will be made with fabrics that i LOVE. Because then, if a quilt doesn’t sell, I can keep it and be very very happy with it!

Half Square Triangle

Hope you are all keeping well.. my quilt has her first wash as we speak but I took some pictures beforehand to show you all.

I will be starting on my ETNO blog tour project soon and hope to show you some nifty little bags along the way as well.

Till next time






Quilt has been sold via Facebook

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